Our Story

Our Mission:

At Welsh Tweed our mission is to create high quality, durable and stylish garments and accessories, using Tweeds, Tapestry and Woollen Fabrics all woven by traditional Woollen Mills in Wales. The colours and patterns in each fabric are carefully chosen by the Welsh Tweed Team, inspired by the natural beauty of the Brecon Beacons.  
The Pentwyn Farmhouse is nestled within the Brecon Beacons National Park, above the beautiful and well-known village of Myddfai. Inspired by the rugged Welsh countryside, the colour of wildflowers and the strength of our natural habitats, we aim to bring you a taste of the Welsh countryside - wherever you are! 
Our hard climate needs warm, waterproof and practical clothing. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t accessorise your jacket with a soft neck warmer or Tweed headband, a Jacobs Wool Cap or a Welsh Tweed scarf.
We contrast our beautiful Tweeds with bold, bright linings. A flash of electric Pink Polka Dot or Classic Tartan draws the eye and adds a little something special to your look. 


As a family oriented business, we believe that we are exceptionally lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Translating our ideas, inspired from our surroundings into Welsh Tweed products is the most exciting part of the process. We aim to remind people to truly appreciate Wales’ beauty, to be present and to realise the quality of Welsh fabrics. 

Fun Fact - all the models are family and friends of the Welsh Tweed Team!


At Welsh Tweed we pledge to avoid plastic in all of our products and packaging. Our packaging consists of cardboard boxes which are fully recyclable. We use tissue paper made from recycled materials and some products are packaged in soft cotton bags which are reusable.   

We use 100% wool Tweed, Tapestry and Woollen fabrics, processed in the UK and woven in Wales. We carefully choose our Tweeds and other fabrics, inspired by our mission to reflect the beauty of Wales, which are then woven at traditional woollen mills local to Welsh Tweed. 

Where do we get our fabrics? 

We source the majority of our fabric from Elvet Mill, Cynwyl Elfed Carmarthenshire and Curlew Weavers, Llandysul Ceredigion. These Welsh Woollen Mills weave Tweed, Tapestry and other fabrics using the skills and traditions of the past 100 years. Using 120” Dobcross looms, super cop winder and many other forms of machinery, alongside methods such as carding, spinning and using double-weave patterns - our fabrics are woven exclusively in Wales.   

Using the Tweeds woven for us at Welsh Tweed, our clothing and accessories are handmade in our workshop and sent out from here to our customers. Due to high demand, our cap range is made in Great Britain and our tailored products are made in North Wales. It is without doubt our priority to ensure that all products are purely British - and the majority purely Welsh!

Pentwyn Sheep:

This year we have sent our fleece away to Curlew Weavers to be processed into Yarn.   

Step 1 - Shearing

Every year, at the end of winter a sheep’s fleece must be shorn in preparation for the hotter summer months.   

Step 2 - Cleaning 

The wool is then sorted and cleaned to remove dirt, contaminants and natural oils from the wool.   

Step 3 - Carding 

Next, the wool fibres go through carding, a process that pulls the fibres through metal teeth in order to straighten the wool fibres.   

Step 4 - Spinning

The carded wool then goes through the spinning process - this brings 2-5 strands of wool together, forming long and strong pieces of wool known as yarn.    

We plan to then use the yarn from our own sheep in our products - a very exciting thought!  


If you have any questions then do not hesitate to 'Contact Us'. We will endeavour to assist you with any queries or questions. 

Nikki Witt - Co-Founder of Welsh Tweed